Top 10 exclusive indoor succulents

Common Glasswort

This variety of succulent is quite unique. Its known as ‘Poor Man’s Asparagus.’ If you didn’t already piece it together, it not only looks like the vegetable, but this is also an edible version of a succulent.

However, it’s said this plant should be pickled before eating to enjoy it at its best flavor. Try it and see what your thoughts are.

Sweetheart Hoya

This is another unique choice for a succulent. Would you imagine it produces leaves which are almost perfectly heart-shaped?

For this reason, many refer to it as the Valentine plant. It would make a unique and gorgeous Valentine’s Day gift.

Agave Azul

This agave plant looks similar to the Whale’s Tongue Agave, but it has smaller leaves. Every time I hear the name of this plant my mind immediately goes to our local Mexican restaurant.

It has some of the best food around, and the sign on the door has this plant on it. Any guess as to why? Well, if you knew this plant is the key ingredient in tequila it all adds up. If you’re into making your own tequila, this succulent could be a great option.

Ponytail Palm

Are you looking for a unique succulent variety? We’ve shared a great deal of them with you up to this point, but this one is in a category all of its own.

It resembles a small palm tree. This plant has a solid trunk and wild leaves which resemble the leaves of a palm tree.

Wooly Senecio

This plant is covered in lots of fine hairs which gives it a ‘wooly’ appearance. It’s also known as a raccoon plant for similar reasons.

However, once you get past the fuzzy hairs all over the plant, you’ll be glad to know it also produces pretty yellow blooms.

Christmas Cactus

My mom and grandmother have kept a Christmas cactus in their homes for as long as I can remember. This succulent variety is also known as a Thanksgiving cactus. Unless they get confused (which has been known to happen over the years I’ve watched them bloom,) they usually bloom around the holidays.

The blooms resemble those of a lobster’s claw when in the process of blooming. However, they are gorgeous and can bloom in a variety of colors. It’s the splash of color we all desire during the winter months.

White Velvet

You guessed it. This plant is known as white velvet because it’s covered in white hairs. You could choose to look at this in two ways.

First, you could look at the white hairs and ponder the idea of it looking like a spider has been all over the plant, or you could take the more artistic approach and see the beauty of the plant and how it seems as though its covered in white velvet. Entirely up to you, and your take on the situation.

Black Prince

This plant looks similar to the black rose succulent mentioned above. The key difference is the black prince has pointier leaves.

However, it’s a gorgeous plant as it produces dark burgundy colored leaves and rosettes. If you want a unique succulent which will draw some attention, this is it.

Sticks on Fire

There’s no delicate way to put this. This variety of succulent looks like a group of sticks which are on fire because they’re orange in color.

But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll know this plant is unique beyond its looks. It’s known as a hydrocarbon plant. Therefore, it has a substance inside of it which is poisonous. Don’t let this deter you though. This substance can be used to make a substance similar to gasoline. Pretty neat, huh?