Easy-to-grow indoor succulents

Woolly Senecio

Covered in fine white hairs, the Senecio haworthii appears "woolly"—but you might not guess that it also produces pretty yellow blooms.

Pinwheel Desert Rose

Unlike many succulent houseplants, the Aeonium arboreum does not like hot weather, and may go dormant if temperatures rise above the 80's.

Tillandsia ionantha maxima huamelula

Known as T. maxima, this upright shaped succulent catches your attention as it shows off bright hues of purple, pink, green, and blue, reminding you of an enchanting firework display.

Exotic indoor succulents

Queen Victoria agave (Agave victoriae-reginae)

A mature specimen of the small Queen Victoria agave can cost as much as a thousand dollars. But like all members of the Agave genus, it blooms just once at the end of its life (so you’ll most likely never see a bloom).

Zebra Plant

Not to be confused with aloe these striped, spiky little plants (AKA Haworthia fasciata) are one of the most popular succulents out there—and it doesn't hurt that it's an easy one to care for if you're a plant parent beginner.


Graptopetalum is a genus of rosettes that grow as perennials in zones 7 to 11. Also members of the Crassulaceae family, ghost plant, G. paraguayense, is one of numerous species.

Essential succulents care tips

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    Keep Succulents Clean

    "Inevitably, your indoor plants will gradually pick up dust on their surface, which can inhibit their growth," write Langton and Ray. Wipe off the leaves and spines gently with a damp cloth (use a soft paintbrush to get at hard-to-reach spots).

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    Once you have your clippings, the next step is let the succulent clippings cure. This is the step that most people skip, leading to waterlogged, rotting succulents.

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    Year round tips

    The rule of thumb when watering any plant is to water in the mornings so they have time to absorb the moisture before the heat of the day hits.

Heroes Behind the Company

Whether you want to create your own indoor cacti garden or just want to decorate your home with an exclusive plant, we will cover all your needs. Our professional tutor will explain to you, how to care for different types of succulents, identify 101 cacti & succulents, prepare the proper soil, place, and water them. At our online gardening workshops, you will get to know these and other gardening tricks.

Succulent plants have unusual shapes, rich textures, varied colors, and showy blooms that make a dramatic impact in any container or garden setting. That's why people all over the world want to have one cactus in their home hardening collections at least.

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